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“Allow yourself to be inspired. Trust your intuition calling you on this journey”

What is the point of travelling?

One may say it is a way to experience the world away from home, to learn about different cultures, landscapes and people and live the challenges that these encounters grant us with.

At Vagacy we have realised that even more fundamentally, the point of travelling is simply to make sense of the world – the world outside and the world inside, and the sacred place where they meet.

“The traveller in his own adventure makes discoveries to which the routine eyes are blind”


An authentic immersion in the ancient wisdom of indigenous Mexican communities and tribes away from the touristy beaten track and in the heart of profoundly moving energies.


Vagacy offers you a trip to Bali simply to die for! A lovely and affordable opportunity to live with all your senses a journey full of beauty, lush tropical surroundings, healing energy and Self-Love.


Vagacy offers you a very special trip to fully embrace the heart-warming and soul-singing spirit of the stunning Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Kauai.