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Unique Travel for Self and Planetary Evolution

* Adventure * Empowerment * Fun * Sustainability * Connection *

“Allow us to take You on a journey back to YourSelf”

Our Recipe for Evolutionary Travel

Created exclusively for YOU, here explained in 10 delicious steps:

Step 1. Shaken your desire for novelty and growth by getting out there to experience something different, new and amazing!

Step 2. Look up for inspiration. Dream, dream, dream. If you feel the call, contact us, we are here for you. This is our heartfelt mission.

Step 3. Stir indecision together with the power of trust and synchronicity to finally decide to embark onto this unheard journey, where little or nothing will remind you of your daily routine in the place you call home.

Step 4.  Pour yourself into a beautiful and energetically potent location, where vivid planetary forces summon to enhance your own.

Step 5. While baking, embrace the soulful connections with fellow travel companions and revel in exciting daily adventures filled with laughter.

Step 6. Top it all up with profoundly healing and gentle teachings by local shamans and wise ones, holistic specialists and/or acclaimed spiritual facilitators.

Step 7. Savour and experience with every inch of your being the lightness, the expansion and the inexplicable energy of life within and without you. Lift the lid to Your Own Infinite Power, beyond limitations and beliefs.

Step 8. Done! This is your perfect Journey into enhanced clarity that lasts and (possibly) a renewed sense of life direction.

Step 9.  Leave to rest and taste the flavours of FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, PURPOSE and… well, perhaps even LEGACY.

Step 10. Presentation suggestion: only after you have relished your part to the maximum, serve it in a buffet with decoration of your choice. No need to invite people around, they’ll come of their own accord. No need to worry about not having enough or about portions size, there will always be enough for everyone.

***WARNING*** To avoid you developing intolerances or allergies, before, during or after, Vagacy will take care of every single logistical and organizational aspect. So that all is left for you to do is trust, relax and enjoy the voyage!

From Planet Earth to All Life, and beyond to all there is. May we all one day remember who we truly are. With Love and Respect, Vagacy

Even though it is not easy to put into words what comes directly from energy source, some of our evolutionary travelers have braved it up and here they share their experience with you:

“The Voyage to Happiness and Freedom starts the minute YOU DECIDE you were destined for it”


A trip to Bali simply to die for! A lovely and affordable opportunity to live with all your senses a journey full of beauty, lush tropical surroundings, healing energy and Self-Love. BEAUTY + YOGA + REJUVENATION + DIVINE


Dodge the mass touristy resorts and dive right in the heart of Costa Rica's nature, people and rich indigenous traditions. Vagacy offers you a unique opportunity to experience a Costa Rica that you won't hear much about! UNIQUE + LUSH + CONSCIOUS + FUN


There comes a time when the only way is to break the routine and go somewhere you have never imagined or dreamt of… Somewhere you can feel ALiVE again. Dare to dream Big! HAWAII, how good does that sound? *ADVENTURE * YOGA * NATURE * AWARENESS*