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Welcome Wonder-full You ♥

Are you looking for SOMETHING MORE from your next holidays?

I’ve heard you wishing to go somewhere breathtaking, where you can relax and have fun at the same time, enjoy the company of interesting people, learn new skills and live the adventure of a lifetime! I even heard you thinking inbetween thoughts that you’d like to return home renewed this time, unlike last time when you felt you needed another vacation to get over the vacation. I’m pretty sure you also invoqued for a new version of yourself to come back from this dream trip. Yes! A NEW YOU with new-found clarity about big stuff like Life, its Purpose and what Action you need to take now.

Then, I heard you telling yourself… “Nahhh, keep dreaming”

Hey hey hey, stop one minute! This is not just a dream… You have actually landed the carpet of the Genie Lamp φ


I’m Veronica Gaya founder of Vagacy, and I am here to introduce you to TTravel 

My entire life has (literally) evolved around travel. I owe my independence, freedom and the uncovering of my True Self & Purpose to incredible journeys across the planet! For this, I have made it my mission to facilitate to you unique travel experiences with spiritual depth and transformative power.

I believe that, while freedom comes from whithin,  there are sacred places with energies that are vital for our healing and evolution. Experiences that can ease the way for a deeper alignment.

With the support of Gaia and all those that work to serve her bigger scope of love, I’ll take you -if you wish- to the places that are part of Your Soul’s Journey.


I’ll show you, come with me!

With Love and Respect, 


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“If you want the best the world has to offer, offer your best ” NEALE DONALD WALSCH

By participating in one of our transformative trips or retreats you will be a fundamental part in the healthy and loving upbringing of children who haven’t had the best start in life. We donate 5% of our income to non profit organizations supporting orphans and young children in need throughout the world. We will provide you all the detailed information about your contribution upon booking.

♥  Thank You  ♥


Dodge the mass touristy resorts and dive right in the heart of Costa Rica's nature, people and rich indigenous traditions. Vagacy offers you a unique opportunity to experience a Costa Rica that you won't hear much about! UNIQUE + LUSH + CONSCIOUS + FUN


There comes a time when the only way is to break the routine and go somewhere you have never imagined or dreamt of… Somewhere you can feel ALiVE again. Dare to dream Big! HAWAII, how good does that sound? *ADVENTURE * YOGA * NATURE * AWARENESS*


How long since you lived a whole day without your phone? Vagacy offers you a challenge: one week with NO VIRTUAL WORLD ACCESS to restore the most important Connection, that with your Self and Life. * FREEDOM * EMPOWERMENT * NATURE * CONNECTION *