What is Vagacy?

Vagacy is a Transformational  Travel (TT) Planner and a Hub for Experts in the Transformational World. We organize unique TT experiences and promote the best retreats around the globe. Our heartfelt mission is that of encouraging and empowering people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life while revamping their relationship with themselves and all that surrounds them.

At Vagacy we take care of all the logistical aspects of each unique travel experience, whether in the form of pre-arranged group trips/retreats or private journeys with varying levels of personalization.

Who is Veronica Gaya?

She is the passionate soul behind Vagacy, an incorrigible traveler, a student of life and enthusiastic daughter of our wonderful planet (the name is no coincidence).

Veronica’s life and sense of being have been entirely shaped by travel. Not by the various weekends away or hotel pools but by the challenges, the deep connections and the lessons learned along the way.

Born in Argentina, in early childhood she moved to Europe and grew up in a remote valley in the Italian Alps. By the age of 18, she had embarked her voyage in search for Self and Freedom around the world. As of today she has experienced transformation in countless regions in all seven continents, as well as crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing boat (twice). She proudly considers herself as a citizen of the world and she feels sorry for those who ask her where are you from? They better have some time on their hands!

Veronica has more than 10 years experience in organizing personalized and unique trips, including those for seasoned international travelers such as heads of state and business leaders.

In 2016, following a deepening sense of clarity after much personal and spiritual work – and an enlightening trip to Hawaii, of course – Vagacy was born.

Veronica loves her mission: facilitating positive change in the travel format.


What does Vagacy do?

⇒ We offer the TRAVELER a professional service delivered from the heart. Our goal is to facilitate, through the travel experience, a healing process of growth in an amusing and exciting format.

We take care of the organization in an efficient and clear manner, until the final product is that spectacular experience that is hard to translate into words and will mark a before and an after.

“With the objective that travel is not only a change of scenery, Vagacy takes you where Soul wants you to go: where you always wanted to go or perhaps where you never imagined you would. An adventure where your Self can be free and your Being can grow, so that on your return home you will discover that the journey has just begun.”

⇒ We PROMOTE transformational travel to the world!

We are passionate about what we do and about the impact that it can have globally because through TT people foremost feel and gain a profound sense of knowing. Is that inexplicable difference between seeing a place or feeling a place, hearing a person or feeling a person, telling yourself (or being told) who you are and feeling who your true Self is. Concepts and teachings can certainly be found in books or seminars, but they cannot be felt, i.e. made deeply yours. The TT process is so intimate yet powerful that can really change the scope of the travel industry worldwide, and more so help make this world a better place.

⇒ We CONNECT the transformational travel community because creating is empowering, but co-creating is delicious and fun. Join WTTE here.

⇒ We HELP Children around the world by donating 5% of our income to reputable and handpicked small organizations that support orphans and young children to gain trust in love, themselves and life.

We believe that for travel to be truly transformational the change needs to positively affect as many people as possible, not only the traveler.

“Travel tests us and teaches us – that we are not alone, that we are resilient, that we can overcome the greatest challenges and forge new paths where we could see none, both geographically and spiritually, in distant countries and back at home”