Bali Jungle Luxury

Vagacy invites you to this piece of heaven, a place Like.No.Other. Set in a private coffee plantation and high on the mystical Mount Batukaru in Bali’s central rainforest. Stay in a traditional carved wooden villa, or in a striking open-sided bamboo treehouse surrounded by impressive tropical greenery and the concert of the jungle.

  • LOCATION. Alassari Plantation is located in central Bali, a world away from the busy touristic resorts. It lies 750m up the southern slope on Mt. Batukaru (2,276m²), one of the most preserved areas of natural mountain rainforest on the island. The Plantation overlooks the southern part of the island offering panoramic views of the rainforest, mountains and sea.
  • UNIQUE FEATURES. This unique property is the fruit of the journey of love of its owners Craig and Val, so expect love to be the prevailing sentiment here. Within 35,000m² of rainforest land high on Mount Batukaru, Alassari has all you may need for a superb stay: a turquoise Pool with pool house bbq area, Wellness & Spa centre, side-open Gym, indoors and outdoors terrace restaurant, free wifi and all the human warmth in the world.
  • ROOMS & SUITES. Four teak timber villas with intricately carved panels in the style of antique Joglo palaces, a Honeymoon Suite and an extraordinary two storey bamboo treehouse. Some feature two bedrooms & two bathrooms, for friends or families to share. Others have one bedroom, one bathroom and a living area. All are very spacious and have great verandahs overlooking the endless lush greenery.
  • CUISINE. Oh my Goodness! Here we had the most delicious food in all Bali. To start, they use handpicked products from their own organic plantation. Secondly, the menu is a fusion of Indonesian and Western styles that has clearly been professionally designed, Val told us by chef Roland Lickert. Of course, here you will also enjoy the special house fresh juices made with the locally grown pineapples, papayas, bananas, snake fruits, and so forth. Sooo yummy and healthy!
  • ENERGY CONNECTION & SELF-LOVE. This suggestive place is an invitation to relax and let go, to reconnect with your Self and to enjoy the gentle flow of nature in the natural mountain rainforest. The Balinese people have known about the rejuvenating properties of the natural mountain rainforest for centuries. Shinrin-yoku is the name given to the Japanese art of “forest bathing,” something that at Alassari you can do every day in the pristine waterfalls of the stream that runs through the property grounds. In the open-sided bamboo wellness centre you can melt and become one with the surrounding forest while you receive a soothing Balinese massage, a facial treatment or soak in the aromatherapy bath.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE. We were welcomed and shown around this magnificent property by Val, the owner. She is warm, lively and oozes care and kindness from every pore. This is not only a personalized service, this is much more than that. It’s like coming home, to your own family (just nicer ;-). They accommodated us and arranged for us to have the experience we were searching for. We absolutely loved that as we arrived late at night in the middle of a tropical downpour, they offer to bring us dinner to our villa. So there we were, having a sophisticatedly presented and delicious dinner in our private terrace overlooking the wildness. The suggestive sounds of the jungle and some friendly wildlife around us. A truly transformational experience.
  • THINGS WORTH DOING. This is the BEST possible place to learn and immerse yourself into the richness of uncorrupted Balinese culture. Val & Craig, Alassari’s founders and owners, are fully involved with the local village of Sarinbuana, with a strong will to support the development of its community, providing resources, training, employment and innovative ideas to improve living conditions of its people. Additionally, here you can walk in the original rainforest of Bali! An experience that we enjoyed during our visit and we recommend as the most mind-blowing and humbling one. And there is so much more to do at Alassari anyway, you’ll want to go back. Walk through their plantation and on their very own timber-top suspension bridge. Treck to the mountain, rice fields, and temples. Take a Balinese cooking class, a Balinese dance class or learn about Jamu, traditional Indonesian medicinal potions. Visit local healers and get involved in one of the many colourful ceremonies.
  • SUSTAINABILITY. Everything here is in communion with nature. During our visit, we saw for ourselves that Alassari utilizes NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC and that this secluded enclave is a beacon for sustainability, they could give us all a lesson or two on this subject. Here a list of some of the systems they have in place. Organic vegetable gardens including a nursery for plant regeneration. Water sourced from a local spring and water filtration in the villas instead of disposable bottles! Replacing hundreds of trees, shrubs and flowers attracting and sustaining more local birds, bees and butterflies. Building waterways so as to maintain land stability. Environmentally friendly cleaning/toiletries products used. Avani Bio paper and PLA (made from corn starch) straws used. Recycle non-organic waste with local partners. All septics are aerobic (utilising added enzymes). Process organic waste on site. Only use bamboo sheets, bed linen and towels.

In three words, how does ALASSARI PLANTATION make me feel?

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