Vagacy is a certified travel agency that operates under Spanish and European law to serve clients locally and from around the world.

To offer the best service and the best possible prices to our customers we are partnered with a network of travel agencies that act as negotiating support and provide advice whenever needed. 

We also are proud of our own network of local contacts and correspondents that supply us with real-time and real-people insight and enrich with authenticity and uniqueness each travel experience. We look for matches with local service providers and small businesses that operate under the same values of Vagacy

At Vagacy we believe in the power of cooperation and community endeavour over that of individualism. For this reason, we highly value the partnerships with local and world-renowned spiritual leaders, healers, public speakers and influential individuals in the field of the growing consciousness movement, personal development and environmental awareness.

If this resonates with you and you have a demonstrable gift of positive energy to offer our fellow travellers, please get in contact with us. We would love to hear how we can work together contributing to the healing of the world in a fun way!

  • I sincerely believe that we could not have had a better organiser, Veronica from Vagacy is an angel.
    With her dedication and hard work, she has achieved -as if by magic – all the travel goals that we were aiming to in an apparently easy and flowing way.
    However I know how many hours of effort are behind these achievements, and for all this I am deeply grateful.
    I feel very honored and blessed to have shared this journey with her and with all the new soul sisters that this trip has gifted me with.
    Aloha Blessings of Love

    Author of Esíritu de aloha, Ho’oponopono, Aloha and Ho’oponopono para la prosperidad.- Spain
    Dr. Maria Carmen Martinez Tomas