All your questions answered

  • Q-I see that Vagacy is referred to as a travel planner, what is the difference between a travel planner and a traditional travel agency?

    A travel planner does all that a travel agent does but will go beyond the mere bookings of transport and accommodation.
    A travel planner in addition to the technical work will focus on the planning of a flawless trip for you. That means coordinating all the picture-perfect details, like that one yoga & meditation you’ll take to start off the day, the tiny local restaurant you’ll have dinner at or the local expert on wood carving you’ll learn from.

  • Q- Are you an official travel agency? If so, in which country are you registered and under which law do you operate?

    We are an officially certified travel agency.  We are registered in the Balearic Islands (Spain) and we operate under Spanish and European law.

  • Q- Can a customer from outside Spain and the EU use your services and participate in your trips?

    Absolutely yes!

  • Q- Is Vagacy specialized in any specific destination?

    We are specially called by the vibrant energy and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, Bali and other Indonesian islands as well as the Balearic Islands.
    We do however organize trips to other destinations worldwide where the nature is abundant and the culture warmly welcomes the conscious visitor. The lush of tropical environments are certainly our favourites!

  • Q- Is Vagacy specialized in a specific kind of travel?

    Yes, we specialize in trips that can offer our clients the ideal space for personal development and self-empowerment.
    Most of our trips are planned for reduced groups that will form a travel family to interact harmoniously with the receptive communities. This said, we also plan bespoke trips upon request, whenever the request is aligned with Vagacy’s values and mission.

  • Q- What do you mean by self-empowering and healing holidays?

    The idea is that during the trip the traveler has the opportunity to tap into his/her inner strength, getting to know him/herself better and discover or re-discover unique elements and paths of the Self.
    We must highlight though, that the empowerment or the healing of any sort is entirely dependent on the individual and is not something that we provide as such. We facilitate the environment where that growth could potentially happen, the outcome is beyond our scope.

  • Q- What is the difference between a normal holiday that I could book on the internet or in a conventional travel agency and one of Vagacy’s trips?

    In a traditional travel agency (physical or online) you can book separately your transport, accommodation and perhaps some excursions, alternatively you can buy a pre-organised packaged holiday that a tour operator has prepared and offers to hundreds, thousands of people around the world. After you have booked those specific services your relationship with the travel agency is over.
    At Vagacy we stay well away from off-the shelf packaged holidays and any form of mass-produced tourism. Our trips are unique and have been planned with a great deal of love. We devote a lot of time to our customers and to personalizing a trip that can best suit their needs in harmony with those of the receiving communities and locations. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to planning Your dream adventure and we are there for You before, during and after.

  • Q- If you do not operate with tour operators and commercial wholesalers as most travel agencies, how do you organize your trips?

    Twenty years of worldwide travel and valuable connections are our biggest “wholesaler”. We mostly work with real people (some we can proudly call friends) from the various destinations. In the majority of cases we have a close relationship with our hosts and guides, and we share the same values with them.

  • Q- Can anyone book one of Vagacy’s trips? What about children, families, couples or groups of friends?

    Each trip is unique and will have its own theme and specific features, it is best to check with us directly about the trip that you’d like to go to.

  • Q- Will Vagacy be able to take care of my flights, hotel stopovers and deviations to the proposed trip?

    We will be delighted to book all flights, transfers, hotel nights for a city stopover or any other arrangement that you may require in your way to or from experiencing one of our amazing holidays. As a certified travel agency and we can issue your flight tickets, arrange your car rental and so much more! Depending on your requirements, you can book all your travel arrangements with us or you can choose to only purchase the specific trip on offer.

  • Q- Can I book only my flights with Vagacy?

    We will be delighted to secure all your flights! We will ensure that you are always granted the best possible deal and we will advise you how to make your travel as sustainable as possible.

  • Q- Can Vagacy assist me with contracting a suitable travel insurance for my trip?

    Yes, with great pleasure! According to Spanish law we must offer all our customers travel insurance. It is however up to you whether you will contract it with us or with a third party.

  • Q- What happens if I need visas or special permissions for a given country?

    For a reasonable fee, we will be happy to assist you processing your visa whenever allowed by the immigration laws of the receptive country.

  • Q- What if I don’t speak the language of the country I am traveling to?

    For each trip proposed we will specify what languages will be available depending of the translators available or the languages spoken by the local guide or experts.

  • Q- I don’t feel comfortable driving in a foreign country, will this be a problem?

    Most of our trips are all-rounded travel experiences where everything has been planned in the minimal details, the accommodation, the transport and the activities. All you are asked to do is show up, enjoy and relax! No driving will be required from you. However please refer to the description of each trip and contact us with any doubts you may have.

  • Q- I am very busy and I don’t have time to research about the destination, will you be able to help me?

    Of course we can, in fact you couldn’t be in better hands!!! This is exactly what we excel at, organizing it all for you. While you dedicate your time to the things that matter for you, we will work to plan your perfect empowering holiday and we will send you all the information you need in the moments you need. We will remind you of all the procedures that require to be completed before departure and we will provide you the necessary information about the destination to allow you to enjoy it to the maximum once there.

  • Q- Once I have made my mind up and I want to book one of your trips, how do I do it?

    The bookings are generally granted through the payment of a deposit. At present we accept payments via bank transfer.

  • Q- In what currency are your trips payable?

    As we are based in Spain, a European country, all our prices are in Euros.

  • Q- What happens if I have already booked but due to personal reasons I need to cancel it?

    For each trip you will be informed of the terms of booking before paying the deposit and with this the conditions of cancellation. In most cases, to have full refund of the paid deposit you will need to refer to the travel insurance policy that you have contracted with us or with a third party.
    It is important to know that the insurance coverage for cancellation before departure is available only when the policy is contracted within a few days from the settling of the booking.

  • Q- We are a group of friends and we’d like to experience one of Vagacy’s trips, could you organize something for us only?

    If it is at least the 6 of you we can definitely plan something exclusively for you.

  • Q- What are your payment methods?

    At present we accept payments via bank transfer. We will provide you with all the details upon booking request.

  • Q- Is it possible to speak to someone at Vagacy in person, maybe at your office?

    Vagacy’s offices are located in Palma de Mallorca, the capital city of the Spanish Balearic islands. Our offices are not open to the public, but we will be delighted to program a meeting in person upon appointment. We are also happy to schedule online conference meetings via skype or whatsup.