Ester is a woman with an immense heart.

    She is a nurse in a paediatric hospital in Barcelona, Spain.

    I met her in Hawaii as she took part in one of the transformational trips that I had organised. During the touching and life-changing experience of that adventure we shared, I got to know her better. I was astonished by her beauty, humility, kindness and moreover her determination.

    As I asked her about her life back home, she told me that she loved her job as a nurse and all her “children”, but that her other occupation was going places in the world to help out disadvantaged communities, on her own. Of course all during her holidays time and spending her savings on flights and other logistics! She explained that throughout the year she would contact friends, acquaintances and work colleagues asking for clothes, toys, schooling items and also money to then personally take to a community in Paraguay. One step at a time, in 10 years she was able to build a new school for the children of the village, improve sanitation and water distribution. All on her own, no Ngo to back her up!

    As she was telling me all this, I almost could not believe that that lovely petite lady could have done all that on her own in a completely unfamiliar side of the world! I felt such a broad sense of respect for her, and I just KNEW that I wanted to help her mission.

    After ten years in the South American community, she felt her mission there was accomplished. That, however, was not going to stop her.

    Helped by a Kenyan friend living in Barcelona, Ester started her new journey of contribution taking to heart the cause of a rural village in Kenia called Kithunti. After years of helping privately for the sake of getting things done and rolling faster over there, Ester has now funded a non-profit organisation called  Africa Wendano Wa Barcelona. 

    She travels there twice or more a year to spend time with the local women and children, assessing what they need to live a decent healthy life.

    Here are some of the projects Wendano Wa is involved with at the moment:

    SCHOLARSHIPS for local children to access secondary education (high school) in the nearest boarding schools.

    ⊗ In Kithunthi not all children who go to school have a GUARANTEED MEAL. It is paramount that the youngest ones receive breakfast daily, while students from 1st to 8th grade are served lunch at least. Healthy nutrition not only is fundamental for their physical and intellectual development, but it is also fundamental to avoid seizures due to malnutrition. In the coming months, Ester and her ever-growing team of contributors will also improve the space of the DINING ROOM  and build a WASHBASIN to promote hand washing and overall HYGIENE.

    ⊗ Donations have secured a system of IRRIGATION. Now women do not need to walk miles with heavy water containers on their heads or backs! And having direct access to water has made the women of Kithunthi eager to CULTIVATE their vegetables and fruits.  They have asked for help to set up vegetable gardens since these need to be fenced to protect the crops from wild animals. This project is still depending on the financial aid that they will receive.

    ⊗ Volunteering architects have classed the village school as structurally unsafe. As it is, is also too small to fit all the children attending class nowadays. Building a NEW SCHOOL is an urgent and ambitious project that Ester and Wendano Wa face with great excitement. She knows that it will be a considerable benefit not only for the children but for the whole town of Kithunthi. This undertaking, however, will require as much financial aid as possible.

    At Vagacy we commit to donating 5% of our net income to Africa Wendano Wa Barcelona.

    We heartily support Ester’s cause and we want to see all children in Kithunthi thrive. And in time, all children of the world!

    This means that by participating in one of our transformational trips you not only will experience deep change yourself but will also insight positive change in the lives of the children in this remote village in Kenya.

    If you feel called to contribute even if you won’t be embarking one of our adventures in the immediate future, feel free to contact us for instructions.

    ♥ Thank You ♥