Aloha Spirit Maui


4th to 11th April 2020

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Vagacy offers you an extraordinary trip to dive into your deepest essence on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. An opportunity to enjoy, relax and experience a deep inner transformation with the guide of Dr. Mª Carmen Martínez Tomás as well as powerful energy healing by local Bali

Vagacy offers you an extraordinary trip to dive into the most authentic of the Aloha Spirit on the beautiful island of Maui in the Hawaiian archipelago.

A unique opportunity to acquire the teachings of the ancestral wisdom of the Aloha Spirit and the Ho’oponopono in the its place of origin, a natural environment of striking beauty and powerful telluric energy.

In Hawaii, the purity of all the elements: water, air, earth and sun come together to purify our bodies and soothe our spirit, facilitating the opportunity to definitively release the heavy burdens that prevent us from enjoying and celebrating life in all its beauty and fullness, thus manifesting the true Being of light that We All Are.


Stay at beautiful Ka’anapali Beach Hotel ideally located on the stunning Ka’anapali Beach. You will receive powerful ancestral teachings from local teachers, sight spermwhales, party with much Aloha to the sound of exotic melodies and dances… An immersion in the purest essence of the Aloha Spirit, the secret soul of the Hawaiian Islands.

 4,870€ p.p. + flights

Minimum of 10 participants

You can fully embrace this trip if you speak: Spanish

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