Graphic Design 

inspired by Nature

We bring the vibrant energy of Nature to your virtual world

to remind everyone where authentic Beauty is


branding, business portfolio & social media


Our secret ingredients

inspiration and focus on Nature

warm human evaluation of your needs (video call, meeting in person)

your personal preferences (or business goals) assessment

natural colours & shapes

all our passion, integrity, enthusiasm and Soul connected Creativity

keep going until the best possible result is achieved

All geometry is contained within the circle, and the circle is a key to the spiral. It helps the spiral understand itself by capturing the moment. 

∼ The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak

Our packages for transparent pricing

Social Media 12
  1. twenty minutes evaluation video call
  2. 12 different variations of design
  3.  one format of your choice (i.e. instagram/facebook post)
  4. twick and change until you are happy
  5. 100% personalized
  6. 100% human creativity


*price subject to additional 21% Spanish VAT

Branding 5
  1. evaluation video call
  2. company logo (light & dark versions)
  3. business card design
  4. email signature
  5. letterhead
  6. promotional flyer
  7. twick and change until you are happy
  8. 100% personalized
  9. 100% human creativity


*Prices subject to 21% Spanish VAT

Events all round
  1. evaluation video call
  2. event identity logo (light & dark versions)
  3. invitation cards design
  4. thank you cards design
  5. menus design
  6. email banner design
  7. up to 3 additional items of design
  8. twick and change until you are happy
  9. 100% personalized
  10. 100% human creativity


*Prices subject to 21% Spanish VAT

If you don’t see above the design you are looking for, kindly contact us here

We can also help you with...

virtual Holiday Season cards

conscious wisdom cards

virtual cards for Every occasion


Creating beautiful graphics for you

With love,

Veronica & Team