At Vagacy we commit to personable and long-term caring client relations. We assist and support you in all the crucial phases of the journey: the preparation, the trip itself and its aftermath.

With each unique adventure we aim at creating a family of travellers in which each participant has the opportunity to grow stronger and feel empowered, and in doing so we forge the basis for a more peaceful and conscious society worldwide.

We value equally as highly the hosting communities in the receptive locations and the natural environments that encompass it all.  Respect towards the local populations is a paradigm for us and our customers, as we endeavour to travel in harmony with a judgement-free attitude

Welcome all clients

We make it our priority to meet the client’s individual needs through personal attention and we seek to provide the same high-quality levels of service for everybody.

We welcome travellers of all ages above 18 (if minor of age will need special permission or travelling with a tutor) The only requirement is an open mind and heart.

Recognise equality

We recognise that everybody, including economically less fortunate adventurers, has the right to enjoy all aspects of tourism and travel. We work to promote and support this. We understand that travel has a monetary cost that in many cases cannot be avoided, however at Vagacy we believe that Nothing is Impossible!

Get in contact with us and we will work out a plan to help you.


Leave no stone unturned

The care for the details in each aspect of the trip is one of our greatest pride. Prior to departure, we inform you extensively on all the logistics aspects and if possible we organize meetings with our customers.

Our goal is to have it all organized for you so you can simply turn up and live the dream!

Train and empower our staff

We train our staff in cultural difference awareness as well as customer service and strive to meet the needs of everybody to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding travel experience.

Standards of our collaborators

We strive to work with individuals, companies and organizations who recognise and share our values. Their performance and reputation are paramount in their appointment.

Monitor our performance

We monitor our customer service standards through our feedback systems. We evaluate all comments and complaints received from customers and seek always to resolve issues promptly and fully.


Act responsible

As part of our wider social responsibility, we work with passionate and enthusiastic people worldwide from many different backgrounds.

We favour authentic local accommodation run by their respective communities over multinational hotel chains. We take pride in supporting local produce and tradition in every place we visit.

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