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Connect with your inner guidance, recognize your innate wisdom, with these 5 meditations guided by Veronica to recover your power in connection with our biggest teacher of all: Mother Nature.

During the meditations you will be gently taken to the Hawaiian shores to receive the teachings of a Kahuna about Self-Sovereignty, you will be by the shores of an Indian river exploring the sounds of creation and you will sit by the crackling fire on a warm night in the jungle becoming one with your own love.

Regain your center by joining this pleasant and dreamy experience cuddled by the familiar and exotic sounds of Nature with a small investment

Vagacy e-magazine

A dream about to come true! Vagacy virtual e-magazine is coming up soon, it will be a beautiful space to dream up, connect and make Real the new world where we all want to live in: a world of harmony, freedom, evolution and beautiful human co-creations.

Sign up below to receive a first free copy and contact us if you wish to be a collaborator and join this world-wide co-creation of the dream of Paradise on Earth. Yes that’s right, even now in covid-19 times. Because we can, because we must take responsibility for OUR world.

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