Unspoilt Bali Beach Paradise

Vagacy invites you to this piece of heaven, a place Like.No.Other.

  • LOCATION. Beach front Taman Sari Bali Resort & Spa luxurious cottages and suites blend wonderfully with nature and are surrounded by tranquil gardens and ponds. The surrounding mountains and sparkling sea enhance the beauty and tranquility.
  • UNIQUE FEATURES.Taman Sari is committed to the protection of natural beauty and surrounding environment. When visiting this idyllic corner of the world you will be able to see and feel this foundational concept of harmony manifested in the community based environmental and social programs. United Nations awarded and worlds largest coral restoration project can be viewed right off the Taman Sari beach.
  • ROOMS & SUITES. On the beach front, Tamansari offers an experience of suites and bungalows, each with its own character and individually decorated with authentic balinese furniture, antiques and art.  All suites are surrounded by a picturesque lotus pond and have a garden bath where you can enjoy a shower under the open sky. The comfortable air-conditioned cottages overlook the gardens with evergreen  lawn from which you can watch local fishing boats lazily sail by.
  • CUISINE. We absolutely loved the stunning Poleng beachfront restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering international, continental and local Balinese cuisine. Everything on the menu is also available through room service. All at very affordable prices!
  • ENERGY CONNECTION & SELF-LOVE. This suggestive place is an invitation to relax and let go, to reconnect with your Self and to enjoy the gentle flow of nature in the natural mountain rainforest. The Balinese people have known about the rejuvenating properties of the natural mountain rainforest for centuries. Shinrin-yoku is the name given to the Japanese art of “forest bathing,” something that at Alassari you can do every day in the pristine waterfalls of the stream that runs through the property grounds. In the open-sided bamboo wellness centre you can melt and become one with the surrounding forest while you receive a soothing Balinese massage, a facial treatment or soak in the aromatherapy bath.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE. We were welcomed and shown around this magnificent property by Val, the owner. She is warm, lively and oozes care and kindness from every pore. This is not only a personalized service, this is much more than that. It’s like coming home, to your own family (just nicer ;-). They accommodated us and arranged for us to have the experience we were searching for. We absolutely loved that as we arrived late at night in the middle of a tropical downpour, they offer to bring us dinner to our villa. So there we were, having a sophisticatedly presented and delicious dinner in our private terrace overlooking the wildness. The suggestive sounds of the jungle and some friendly wildlife around us. A truly transformational experience.
  • THINGS WORTH DOING. This is the BEST possible place to learn and immerse yourself into the richness of uncorrupted Balinese culture. Val & Craig, Alassari’s founders and owners, are fully involved with the local village of Sarinbuana, with a strong will to support the development of its community, providing resources, training, employment and innovative ideas to improve living conditions of its people. Additionally, here you can walk in the original rainforest of Bali! An experience that we enjoyed during our visit and we recommend as the most mind-blowing and humbling one. And there is so much more to do at Alassari anyway, you’ll want to go back. Walk through their plantation and on their very own timber-top suspension bridge. Treck to the mountain, rice fields, and temples. Take a Balinese cooking class, a Balinese dance class or learn about Jamu, traditional Indonesian medicinal potions. Visit local healers and get involved in one of the many colourful ceremonies.
  • SUSTAINABILITY. Everything here is in communion with nature. During our visit, we saw for ourselves that Taman Sari utilizes NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC and that this property is a beacon for sustainability. Environmentally friendly cleaning/toiletries products are used, bamboo straws, glass water bottles and big water dispensers to refill personal bottles.

In three words, how does TAMAN SARI make me feel?

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