It is not easy to put into words what comes from within deep.  Nevertheless, some of our Transformational Travellers have gone the extra mile to share with you their experience:

Maui-Hawaii, April 2019

“It’s been seven exceptional days that surpassed all my expectations. What at first we thought could be economically of impact to us – because Hawaii is a high market destination – with what we have received I think they have given us much more than we paid for and we feel we really made the best investment in life, I dare to say.

We have travelled across Maui, we have been to magical and sacred spaces, with the ancestors and the people who hold the wisdom of the island. It’s been truly wonderful. I really think I don’t have enough words to express the degree of the experience and its organization, outstanding”.

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Bibiana Herrera, Bogotá- Colombia

Maui-Hawaii, April 2019

“A fantastic experience, I recommend it to everyone. Veronica is great, I have no words… She cares for you, she pampers you, feels like you’re at home. Then Hawaii is perfect, very nice, the temperature is great and the Ho’oponopono course has been very clarifying and has helped me a lot. I recommend this trip 100% and although at first, I thought it was a little expensive, now I think it is cheap for all that I am returning home with”.

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Belén Esteban, Teruel – Spain

Bali, November 2019

“For me, it has been a tremendous experience of growth. I’m leaving here so transformed and empowered as a woman, that it cannot be explained in words, you have to live it. This is paradise, but paradise is inside me. Not one detail has been skipped, everything has been cared for to perfection. I’m truly healed inside.

Within me initially, I thought this was a trip that I could not afford because I thought it was expensive. But it is not expensive at all. In fact, this has been my program and lesson to learn on this trip too. You can afford it; we can all afford it if we want to because this flows on its own.

I have learned that money is energy, that we inherently have it and that this trip is actually inexpensive. in fact, if you go to a regular travel agency and book a touristy trip you’ll spend the same amount, but this is not a package tour, this is a personal development package where the hotels, the (ho’oponopono)course and all the surprises we got are worth much more than what we paid.”

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Ana Cabello, Barcelona- Spain

Bali, November 2019

“I really liked repeating a trip with Vagacy, this trip to Bali has been exceptional thanks to Veronica who has organized in great detail excellent selection of hotels, excursions, activities, flights, so that one has everything done without worrying about anything. I would recommend Vagacy for its professionalism, reliability and quality.”

Palm Menendez, Madrid – Spain

Bali, November 2019

“My experience with Vagacy has been great. The organization, the choice of hotels, activities, places, transport, restaurants have been chosen with much love, beauty, exquisiteness. Designed to create well-being and happiness in the group. She treated us like Goddesses. From now on I will always travel with Veronica, director of Vagacy. Person committed to her work, available 24 hours a day and always happy to serve you. Love and joy overflows in the group. See you soon Vero!!”

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Reme Valencia, Cadiz- Spain

Bali, November 2019

“Just arrived from Bali my heart still beats with immense joy remembering the wonderful trip organized by Vagacy in an exquisite and impeccable way. It is my third trip with Vagacy and I no longer want to travel otherwise because the combination of amazing place, profoundly transformative experience and organizational excellence makes these trips a wonderful combination. Eternally grateful🙏

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Montse Santamariña, Madrid – Spain

Bali, November 2019

“The trip to Bali 2019, has been magical, my trip, the one I was waiting for! So well organized, perfect Veronica, thank you very much for your work and delivery with such luxury of details. Bali and its people are so beautiful Bali. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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Antonia Sanchez, Seville Spain

Maui-Hawaii, May 2018

“I just got back from Hawaii with Vagacy and I’m thinking of going back. 🙂 An extraordinary trip, in any case. But the truth is that if you want to travel with awareness, from love, with an organization made from the heart and for the six senses, Vagacy is your place. Highly recommended it and I will repeat! Aloha travellers.”

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Joana Pastor, Majorca

Hawaii, April 2017

“When I first considered this trip I had many doubts and fears, but finally I decided to stop my mind, listen to my instinct and trust the heartbeat that I felt.
Now I can say that there has been a BEFORE and AFTER this trip in my life…
It has been a magical adventure inside the heart, a journey for a reunion with my body, mind and spirit, a journey towards Freedom, a total gift for the Soul.
I congratulate Veronica and encourage her to continue creating these experiences that I absolutely recommend to anyone who considers “travelling” because I only have words of gratitude for what I have experienced and shared.
An unforgettable memory, Thank you Vagacy “

Rosana Esgueva, Barcelona

Hawaii, April 2017

“This was beyond my expectations… this trip is the adventure of a lifetime.
I feel so grateful, it’s been a dream come true!

I came here not knowing what I was going to find and I found a new Me, one full of Power, full of the Energy of Hawaii, Pele, the Earth, the Universe!
From the first email that you sent me, I felt complete confidence…
(I recommend to) take life with no expectations, and do the same with this trip. Let yourself be inspired by the wonders that you will find along the way. Hawaii has taught me how to flow, how to serve life and how to Welcome Everything.”

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Mon Santamariña, Madrid

Maui-Hawaii, May 2018

“We have been to Hawaii with Vagacy to experience Ho’oponopono and now back home we are still in a cloud. Excellent organization. Thank you from the heart.”

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Carmen Ortiz, Barcelona

Maui-Hawaii, May 2018

“It has been a fabulous trip organized to the smallest detail. Thank you, Veronica (Vagacy) for your dedication so that everything flowed in this trip to Hawaii!!! Aloha”.

Chus Hernando, Cuenca

Maui-Hawaii, May 2018

“Aloha!!! A couple of weeks ago I arrived from a fabulous trip to Hawaii prepared by the agency Vagacy. It has been one of the best experiences of my life because it has helped me to connect with my inner self in an easy and fluid way. I am very grateful for the organization that allowed me to go with absolute trust and peace of mind. In addition to offering perfect activities and accommodation. Mahalo Veronica.

Watch ⇒ here ⇐ Gloria’s video testimonial

Gloria Orellana, Barcelona

These kind referees will be happy to talk to you directly should you require more information about their experience.

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