What is Transformational Travel?

Transformative Travel (TT) is the leading edge of personal development and tourism.

TT is an intense travel experience that empowers you to connect with your spiritual essence, helping you to gain awareness of yourSelf and your Lifepath. It brings you clarity and a great dose of empowerment so that you can actively be in charge of the upcoming changes in your life.

TT is radically different from good old travel, because

  1. You travel to a place that is dramatically different from home.
  2. You venture off with an open mind but more importantly with an open heart: setting the intention for connection, freedom and gratitude, among others.
  3. You actively participate in out-of-the-comfort-zone physical, cultural or spiritual experiences.
  4. You consciously engage with expert teachers and local spiritual masters.
  5. You take time for yourself, personal reflection & integration.
  6. You engage in robust conversations with those that you meet, locals and foreigners.
  7. You benefit from the energy of the group of like-minded travel soulmates, as well as enriching it with your unique essence and life story.
  8. You make your sense of the experience, finding the messages/lessons intended for you in this adventure.
  9. You are grateful and willing to contribute: give back to the locals by supporting local charity/projects.
  10. On the way back home, you dream about your new Journey and enjoy like never before that flight!

The Transformation occurs on many levels

Transformation of the TRAVELLER. Since the scope of life is to transform energy into more of itself, this is probably the most important aspect for you and us, and indeed the one that fuels all the following points.

Transformation of the CONCEPT OF TRAVEL. Shifting from the idea of seeing a place to that of feeling and knowing what that place stands for.

Transformation of the human RELATIONSHIP TRAVELING GUEST – HOSTING COMMUNITY, and vice versa. Heartfelt connection and understanding of each other’s differences, similarities and needs, resulting in an authentic reciprocal interest.

Transformation of all NATURAL RELATIONSHIPS. The redefinition of the relationship we have with the local natural environment towards that of respect and appreciation incentivises the preservation of the earth resources and all animal/plant and even unanimated life. We believe the word sustainability describes this process sufficiently well.

Transformation of the lives of THOSE WHO MOST NEED IT. Locally help (financially or with action) someone who needs a boost in confidence, health and hope.

Transformation of a big part of the TOURISM INDUSTRY as a whole into a promoter of higher conscious planetary awareness and wellbeing. What if the number one leisure industry in the world becomes the means by which all life on planet earth will thrive?

“I am not the same as before the trip. I do not know what has changed yet, or what this will bring, but I know that I am a new me.” Joana Pastor, TTraveler