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Transformational Travel is the leading edge of personal development and tourism.

An intense travel experience that empowers you to connect with your essence, helping you to gain awareness of yourSelf and your Lifepath. It brings you clarity and a great dose of empowerment so that you can actively be in charge of the upcoming changes in your life.

The World needs the FREE, LIVELY and FULFILLED version of yourself, and so do You.

I am honoured to introduce you to our Transformational Trips for personal growth and spiritual connection.

These adventures outwards and inwards have little to do with conventional tourism, and all to do with mystical experiences of bliss with all the potential to present you exactly with what you are looking for in your life.

I’m Veronica Gaya founder of Vagacy, 
I am here to take you to an Adventure filled with Real Magic

My entire life has (literally) evolved around travel. I owe my independence, freedom and the uncovering of my Life Purpose to incredible journeys across the planet! For this, I have made it my mission to facilitate to you unique travel experiences with spiritual depth, mystical beauty and transformative power.

I have realized that, while freedom comes from within, there are sacred places with energies that are vital for our healing and evolution.

At Vagacy we craft UNIQUE Experiences that can ease the way for a deeper alignment. So – if you feel the call from the heart –  we will take you where you will feel WHO YOU REALLY ARE and so finally break free to start living your own paradise.

I’ll show you, come with me!


TT is radically different from standard travel, because

  1. You travel to a place that is dramatically different from home.
  2. You venture off with an open mind but more importantly with an open heart: setting the intention for connection, freedom and gratitude, among others.
  3. You actively participate in out-of-the-comfort-zone physical, cultural or spiritual experiences.
  4. You consciously engage with expert teachers and local spiritual masters.
  5. You take time for yourself, personal reflection & integration.
  6. You engage in robust conversations with those that you meet, locals and foreigners.
  7. You benefit from the energy of the group of like-minded travel soulmates, as well as enriching it with your unique essence and life story.
  8. You make your sense of the experience, finding the messages/lessons intended for you in this adventure.
  9. You are grateful and willing to contribute: give back to the locals by supporting local charity/projects.
  10. On the way back home, you dream about your new Journey and enjoy like never before that flight!


When traveling with Vagacy you will also become a fundamental mentor in the healthy and loving upbringing of children who haven’t had the best start in life. We donate 5% of our profit to a carefully selected non-profit organization, find out more here.

♥  Thank You  ♥