9th – 23rd April 2017

Hawaii Big Island, we are blown away! It feels like nothing will ever be able to equal this experience. Authentic connection to all elements. A magical place where we soaked in the warm spring waters under an endless volt of stars at night and during the day we lived astounding adventures like swimming with dolphins free in the ocean, be initiated by a kahuna (Hawaiian priestess) into the guts of Volcano’s goddess Pelé. We have returned with a mission, a purpose and a new inner strength. Mahalo.

We stayed in a unique retreat centre in the Puna area of Hawaiian’s biggest and youngest island. Received powerful ancestral teachings from kumus and kahunas, swam with dolphins, ate the most delicious organic food on the planet and flowed with much Aloha. A mind-blowing immersion in the purest essence of the Aloha Spirit. The secret soul of the Hawaiian Islands has entered our DNA now!

Incredible experiences, a gift from the Ancestors and the Spirits of Hawai’i every day.

Mahalo Maui, A hui ho!