15th – 27th February 2021

Vagacy invites you to join a privileged group of transformational travellers in this mesmerising and unprecedented trip through ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’.  Together we will venture from the South Island to the most Northern point of the North Island in search of life-changing teachings from the Maori, the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, and their land.

  • Purposefully designed itinerary from Mountain to Sea, journeying through breathtaking natural landscapes.
  • Travel from South to North through the vibrant centres of Queenstown, Wanaka, Rotorua, Auckland, Hokianga, Bay of Islands up to Cape Reinga, NZ most Northern point.
  • Enjoy comfortable and sustainable accommodation in 4/5 star hotels, private transport with driver and guide.
  • Learn the MAORI Ancestral Teachings while staying in an authentic community Marae in the North Island, well off the beaten track! Make yours with every cell of your Being one of the most intimate connections with nature and New Zealand indigenous people. Learn from them what ‘spirituality’ means and how to boost vitality and health for a happy living.
  • Find out why your Inner Being has taken you there and what messages and lessons are there for you to feel.
  • Learn why the Maori are “cousins” of the Hawaiian people and what are the similarities and differences between Aloha and Aroha, Hawai’i and Aotearoa.
  • If you are looking for an absolute out-of-comfort-zone experience, bunjy jumping is a great option. *Not for everyone though!
  • Cruise by catamaran the waters of glacier lakes and explore suggestive islands in the midst of untouched beauty.
  • Taste New Zealand’s delicious wines & cheeses while visiting vineyards and farms
  • Explore forests with Millenary Trees filled with a legend in fairytale surroundings
  • Feel the mighty energy of the volcanic land in the geysers, the famous champagne pools and other geothermal wonders
  • Have fun in the midst of Maori chants, dances and the famous Haka performance
  • Cruise the waters of the Pacific to spot majestic whales and other sea creatures in their habitat
  • Swim with Dolphins in the wild!
  • Relax and integrate this profoundly Transformational Journey in New Zealand’s best white-sand beaches between islands and sea-front cafes

from 6,350€ p.p. + flights

Minumum 10, Maximum 14 participants

Languages: English and/or Spanish

Detailed itinerary and bookings coming up soon!

confirm your booking with a deposit, settle the rest with convenient instalments