Vagacy invites you to this culturally inspired property designed to capture the essence of a Balinese village and provide a unique opportunity to connect with a wealth of Balinese rituals and heritage. Honouring past traditions, Visesa offers a brand new level of luxury with soul.

  • LOCATION. Located just outside Ubud, in a scenic area said to have a unique holistic energy, this is a resort of choice for meditation, spiritual retreats and healing senses. Visesa is owned by Ubud’s Royal Family and is a sacred place where traditional Balinese ceremonies and real daily life are celebrated.
  • COMMON SPACES. On a generous 6.5 hectare site with rice fields on the room doorsteps, in this low-rise complex, you can experience a sense of contemporary Balinese elegance whilst retaining elements of an age-old architectural concept. The majestic reception, pool, restaurants, spa complex, temple and agricultural areas are immersed in an authentic tropical island feel, overlooking rice fields, gardens and the surrounding lush jungle. In addition, if you do not have patience for the 40 minutes car ride from the airport catch a helicopter and land at Visesa’s helipad.
  • ROOMS & SUITES. The 66 villas and 40 suites of the Visesa Ubud radiate the charm and soothing ambience of the surrounding countryside. Choose one or two bedroom villas if you would like to have your own pool to swim with your birthday suit! No matter which category you enjoy a super comfy bed, a sitting area with a minibar filled with delicious homemade products: kombucha, teas, flavoured nuts and more. Finally, a minibar to empty out!
  • GASTRONOMY. For spectacular restaurants. Lumbung restaurant, Indonesian culinary heritage worth every penny. Padi fine dining restaurant, pesco-vegetarian overlooking the jungle. Warung Tani, basically delicious street food in the comfort of a 5-star resort. Lesung restaurant, where we enjoyed the best and most jaw-dropping breakfasts ever.
  • ENERGY CONNECTION & SELF-LOVE. Divine energy is in the air with offerings and prayers converging towards the resort majestic temple pervade the entire property with an atmosphere of spiritual harmony. There is no better place for those searching for a holistic and spiritual journey in comfort and luxury. From all sorts of traditional Balinese massage & beauty treatments to energy healing, from permaculture to sustainable building and fair animal treatment, they have it all figured out at Visesa! You can even book for private classes to initiate yourself to healing practices.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE. Bali is a lush tropical paradise accessible to all, but the real reason why we all go back is the Balinese people. Being of service seems to be in their dna and at Visesa we experience no less. We became friends with Budi our breakfast sunshine-smile waiter and had the general manager help us solve a dispute over a currency exchange issue we had, and he solved it promptly and with the warmth that I have only found in Bali.
  • THINGS TO DO. Visit as many palaces as you wish, waterfalls, impressive cliffs onto turquoise pristine beaches, ride elephants at their sanctuary, do yoga, heal your energy and foremost make friendship with the Balinese. And if you worry about phone connection or how to find your way, don’t worry, as you check into Visesa and after your own welcome blessing ceremony, they will hand you a smartphone with free local phone calls and google maps. C.L.E.V.E.R.
  • SUSTAINABILITY.  Great effort is done by Visesa in producing locally much of the food and drinks that are served to guests. Also, we were pleased to notice that the toiletries were mostly organic and contained in refillable ceramic containers. It was amusing to see that most “extras” in the rooms are actually for sale (there is a price list), thus minimizing the number of people that walk away with the bathrobe, beach bag, porcelain cups, etc. Good move Visesa.
In three words, how does VISESA DESA make me feel?




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