Vagacy is a project that was born from the heart,

with the intention of bringing “different” people together in order to facilitate tangible growth through personal experience in a fun and adventurous format.

With this venture, our intention is that of facilitating a welcoming space far from home, far from our daily commitments and day-to-day struggles, family obligations, and so forth. A space that is evidently ‘neutral’ for its diversity, a new warm yet challenging home away from home where one can truly JUST BE. Be yourself, be free, be happy.

The name Vagacy was made up about eight years ago by Veronica Gaya its founder. As she was looking for a clear and original denomination for her travel project she strongly knew she did not want to be personally identified with it, somehow she felt that she was just functioning as a vehicle.  Pen in hand she wrote down her name and when playing around with the letters she came up with this word that instantly sang in her mind the idea of voyages, vacations, vagabonds. Not only was a new word born but the whole of the project’s purpose confirmed.

Since then, many have showed curiosity about this strange name that “is bizarre yet kind of familiar”. And when we say familiar we mean it to the point that some actually hear ‘vagina’ in it. Fantastic! A vagina in a female body is like Vagacy out in our chaotic world: a warm entry point towards your deep, true Self.

You may be wondering whose heart bared this not-so-revolutionary idea? Same girl, Veronica Gaya. And for a very simple reason, because in her own troubled life filled with society, family and self-imposed limitations she only felt free and her real self each time she embarked in one of her many life-changing journeys. It wasn’t the places alone that made such a difference, nor the people even if the nicest. It wasn’t the luxury and the comfort of travel nor how different or distant from home the destinations were. It was a mysterious combination of all these ingredients that made it happen, plus something else…

How many people travel to spectacular destinations, have a fabulous time or a not-so-great experience, yet would they speak of it as a life-changing trip? Most likely not.

Veronica discovered on her own skin that the missing ingredient for a truly life-changing, self-growth, empowering, liberating and connecting journey is simply not knowing what you are up for and therefore not expecting that it is one! In other words, NO PLANNING. Which is equivalent to not allowing one’s critical monkey mind to get involved in the choice and decision making process, bringing up fears, challenges and judgments that –funny enough- appear so real and threatening at the moment. Very often this process results in not taking a final decision at all, familiar in any way?  In the best of cases it comes out as a well-planned and fun holiday that in time will leave behind tons of colorful pictures to share on social media and more material to fill up the descriptive columns of your past life. Full stop.

Now you might be asking yourself, how can I possibly travel somewhere without planning it ahead?

We believe you have two options.

1- You are an adventurous kind of person and you are happy to dive in head first and travel the other side of the world (or two hours down the road for that matter) leaving most options open and fully embrace what is your time to live and learn then and there. Whatever may come will be yours and you will accept it and it will be like fireworks in your heart. Simply spectacular!

2- You aren’t so adventurous, however you can rely on a trustworthy travel planner who works with passion at your service and that has done all the planning and organizing for you with one goal in mind and heart: your positive transformation and sparkling fun! You probably saw this coming… a travel planner just like Vagacy, of course.

Vagacy nowadays is a registered Conscious Travel Agency that specializes in all forms of sustainable voyages. Ecological for the planet, cooperating with the receiving communities and the workforce and awakening for the traveler. Whether dealing with the luxurious or with the simply affordable, we believe in union and we know that the only boundaries are those imposed by our paradoxically so-called ‘monkey mind’.

In conclusion, why Vagacy?

Because it feels great to invest in Yourself and in all of Us while simply following your instinct calling you onto this challenging yet marvelous journey called Life.

“Only with the trust of a child can one make this journey unharmed,” she said. “For a heart of innocence trusts and obeys Great Spirit, pushing past fear and confusion. But the mind lacks trust and wants to take control. Mind is a gift. It has much to offer in this world and its questions are fruitful. But it does not know how to navigate the waters of the mysterious and the sacred. It does not know how to obey the One who knows the way.”

Cathleen Hulbert